The primary goal of the Master Development Plan for the entire 45,000 hectares which has been developed by Urbis Philippines, Inc. is to provide the basis for a program of action geared to improving living and working conditions for all the people of San Carlos – those within the city proper on the coastline and those living in the small villages of the uplands.

San Carlos City possesses great potential for various types of development given its abundant natural resources, particularly in agriculture and agro-forestry; its strategic location in the center of several economic growth centers in the Visayas; and its improving transportation linkages with these areas.  What is needed to transform potential into reality, however, is the proper impetus for development.

The key to successful development is infrastructure in terms of port planning and development, airport provision, road and land transport improvements, water and power supply, and improved telecommunications.  This will provide the basis for economic and industrial development, and ultimately and most importantly, improvement in social conditions..

Instrumental in all of this is the need to establish a very strong relationship between the development of San Carlos City, including the scattered villages in the highlands, and San Carlos Corridor in terms of physical planning, implementation priorities,  and a development synergy that is mutually supportive and economically viable for all.