San Carlos offers exceptional oppurtunities for domestic and foreign investors interested in high-value agriculture and forestry, either alone or in conjunction with local agribusiness corporations and farmer cooperatives. It is envisioned that San Carlos will become a thriving agro-industrial center in the Visayas through the diversification and integration of its productive agricultural base into an agro-industrial system that will eventually replace the present sugar industry with a number of large, medium and small-scale agro-processing enterprises with modern technologies for agricultural production, post harvest handling, processing and marketing, within an area that promotes competitiveness and efficiency. This area shall be known as the San Carlos City Agribusiness Park.

The San Carlos Agribusiness Park would be within the Industrial Estate owned by San Julio Realty, Inc. Initially, the park shall be composed of an initial 25-hectares covered by PEZA and an additional 25-hectares within the Domestic Industrial Park to serve as the Main Zone specifically for industries and a total of an initial 200 hectares adjacent to the Main Zone to be made available for efficient production of new crops.

Small-scale farmers will be able to enhance farm productivity and increase the value of farm products. The agro-production and processing system will accelerate the evolution of the plantation owners into agro-industrialists through the identification of the profitable outlets for agricultural produce and will create jobs for the remainder of the San Carlos population. With the San Carlos City Agribusiness Park, and with the necessary technologies, investment funds and markets all in place, San Carlos shall advance towards further diversification from sugar and shall serve as a pilot for the entire Negros sugar industry.