Business Park




Center Mall Bldg.

1, 034.84  m²

Emerald Bldg.

933.587 m²

Heritage I

405.27  m²

Heritage II

237.11  m²

Barrio Fiesta

540.00  m²


123.90  m²

Center Mall III

167.00  m²

Emerald Compound

San Carlos Business Park as designed to be the premier business and commercial address in San Carlos City.  Well-planned and conveniently located on 40 hectares of prime property within the San Carlos City Center, the Business Park boasts of world-class infrastructure not available in other locations.

Wide concrete roads with tree-lined sidewalks, efficient drainage, properly-engineered waterworks and electrical grid, together with modern communications systems -- all designed to meet the most stringent requirements of today's businessman and tomorrow's corporations.  The layout also offers a perfect central location for retail and service establishments just minutes away from any point in the city.

When business seems to be moving in the right direction, it might be time to move to San Carlos City's premier business address.

Move right into San Carlos Business Park.
• The smallest lots might be consolidated providing an opportunity for traditional shop-house