Community Facilities
As part of the goal of developing a better life for the people of San Carlos, a hierarchy of community facilities have been proposed by Urbis as part of their work on the Master Development Plan.

City Level

The facilities at City Level are expected to serve the whole of San Carlos and their proposed location is in the existing built-up area, the CBD and the institutional parcel adjacent to the CBD.  City level facilities include:

- Upgrading of the existing hospital
- New city hospital
- A City college
- Several vocational centers
- A Sports complex and athletic fields
- Main post office
- Fire station
- Jail facility

District Level

District Level facilities are contained in the District Centers strategically located to provide access for the population.  District centers will include the following facilities:

-Elementary school
-High school
-Medical and dental clinic
-Social welfare office
-Youth center
-Large grocery store
-Pocket parks with play grounds
-Tennis and basketball courts
-Post office
-Telecommunications center

Neighborhood Level

The Neighborhood Centers serve as community facilities.  They will be located within the residential neighborhoods based on population. These facilities include:

-Neighborhood police station
-Multi-purpose hall
-Health center
-Day care center
-Place of worship
-Deep well water facility
-Pocket parks with playground
-Sports courts

The larger neighborhoods will contain small commercial zones and larger health centers.
• The smallest lots