San Carlos Corridor is located on the eastern seaboard of Negros Island, fronting Cebu, approximately two hours by automobile from Bacolod City on the opposite side of the island.  Bacolod provides air connections to Manila and all major cities in the Visayas.

Ferry transport is also available connecting to Cebu Island, 14 nautical miles away, and other major ports in the Visayas.

Negros itself is a boot shaped island oriented north/south with an interior mountainous spine and two central volcanoes.  The land slopes from the highest peaks to the coastline on all sides of the island.  Originally heavily forested, only remnants remain.  The uplands are characterized by vast tracks of subsistence farming, grazing and scrub lands with scattered communities and villages.

A two-lane highway circumnavigates the island connecting the major townships along the coast.  The coastal plain is characterized by vast tracts of sugar cane, some grazing, fruit and vegetable growing.
• The smallest lots might be consolidated providing an opportunity for traditional shop-house style mini-industries.