You dream of giving your family the best things in life. And you have worked hard to achieve your ambitions. Make that dream a reality in the only place in Negros with a five star lifestyle in a rural setting and at an affordable price. Just like a dream.

South Villa is the residential component of the grand ambition that is the San Carlos City Center.  It is in a class of itself, the realization of a dream. And you belong here. So do your children and future generations. A lot in South Villa is irreplaceable in location.  It is an investment forever.

Developed to provie a peaceful and secure environment with lush greenery and beautiful parks and playgrounds. The public utilities, service systems, and concrete roads all meet the highest standards never before seen in rural cities like San Carlos.

A perfect investment for today...and tomorrow!
• The smallest lots might be consolidated providing an opportunity for traditional shop-house style mini-industries.